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The Steering Commitee

The Subiaco Lacrosse Foundation is currently governed by a steering committee that sits independently from the executive of the Subiaco Club, with equal representation from the Men’s and Women’s sides. The current committee members are:

Rob Cornish

Rob is a Subiaco resident who grew up around Rosalie Park before heading overseas to play lacrosse at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and the Capital Lacrosse Club in Washington DC.
Rob chairs the Foundation's Governance Council and maintains a particular focus on lacrosse as a medium for youth development through cultural exchange.


Lyn Johnson

Lyn is a Subiaco resident with a strong history with the Women's side of the Club as a player and coach. Lyn has also represented Australia as both player and coach and coached in England and the Czech Republic. She has established extensive personal and professional networks both within Australia and across the globe. Lyn is focused on the strategic development and leadership of the Women's side of the club.


Jon Sacks

Jon is a Washington DC resident who spent the better part of a decade in Australia, during which he lived with the spiritual leader of the Men's side of the club, "Slippery" Jack Cowling. Jon played lacrosse at the US Naval Academy and the University of Pennsylvania, and continues to work closely with the Washington DC public schools program. Jon oversees the US side of the Foundation's activities.


Lowri Cox

Having been part of Subiaco Lacrosse for over ten years, Lowri is passionate about creating a close-knit club community. Lowri is representing the younger generation of the women’s side of the club and is dedicated to providing the platform for young women to grow through the sport in order to strengthen the club as a whole.

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